Used Geo Engines for Sale

Used Geo Engines for SaleGeo was an important part of General Motors in the early 1990s. A complete collaboration between GM and three of the largest foreign automakers produced what is known as the Geo. Toyota, Isuzu and Suzuki worked closely with GM to develop a U.S. automobile that catered to economy. The very idea of the Geo brand was to produce better fuel efficient cars without taking anything away from the drivability. GM hit a home run with the Geo and multiple automobiles were produced for over eight years. Locating used Geo engines for sale is not hard when you have an experienced engine seller like

The Metro, Spectrum, Prizm, Storm and the Tracker were all of the Geo models that were produced. Sales were very strong for the Metro and the Tracker. GM competed directly for positioning with Ford and Chrysler for a share of the economy car market. Many different engines were produced for this range of Geo vehicles. The most basic engine was a tiny 1.0L that was first used in the Metro. This gave great gasoline mileage but lacked the power of a standard sedan. The Prizm had a more powerful 1.6L engine and gave drivers what the Metro did not.

Used Geo Engines for Sale

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