Used Geo Prizm Engines

Geo Prizm was a compact automobile that was marketed around the world in part by General Motors. The Toyota partnership that GM developed in the mid 1980s is what lead to the creation of the Prizm. Most of these vehicles were redesigns of the Corolla and had many of the Toyota features that buyers wanted.…

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Used Geo Tracker Engines

Geo Tracker was built as a collaboration between General Motors and Suzuki. These two powerhouse automotive companies put their technologies together to produce a U.S. based vehicle. The original Tracker had a small 1.6L Suzuki engine. It received rave reviews for its fuel economy and was powered just under 100 horsepower. The Geo Tracker was…

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Used Geo Engines for Sale

Geo was an important part of General Motors in the early 1990s. A complete collaboration between GM and three of the largest foreign automakers produced what is known as the Geo. Toyota, Isuzu and Suzuki worked closely with GM to develop a U.S. automobile that catered to economy. The very idea of the Geo brand…

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