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Chevy Beretta 3.1L Used Engines for Sale

The Chevy Beretta was a cheaper version of the Corvette and Camaro. Much of the same body design and horsepower that was put into the Beretta came from its more expensive counterparts. Several engines were used in the Beretta including the 3.1-liter V6. Many versions like the GT and GTZ series used this more powerful…

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Chevy Camaro 3.8L Engines for Sale

The Camaro underwent some changes in the early 1990s and the addition of the 3.8L engine was one of the changes. The Firebird and some Buick models used this engine to great success and GM decided to put it into the flagship Camaro. While some drivers didn’t appreciate the upgrade from the 3.4-liter engine, the…

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