Corolla Engine for Sale

Nearly 40 million Corolla vehicles have been sold by Toyota during its production run. The consumer confidence in this vehicle series is second to none in the automotive industry. These compact cars have been produced since the 60s and surpassed every automaker brand in 1997. 11 generations of the Corolla has been produced by Toyota.…

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Toyota Celica Engine

Toyota Celica was built between 1970 and 2006. This brand achieved nearly 40 years of production due to the quality and engineering. The 7th generation edition of the Celica helped it to boost sales in the U.S. The 1.8 motors that were used in this series helped introduce more people to this car. These are…

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Toyota Tacoma 2.4L Engines

Toyota Tacoma was created in 1995 by Toyota. This truck series was designed to compete with the top automakers like Ford and General Motors. The compact pickup truck market had been dominated by Ford and Chevy for nearly two decades when Toyota created its Tacoma series. Several engines were used in the production the Tacoma.…

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