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Chevy Malibu Used Engines for Sale

The Chevy Malibu has its roots in the mid 1960s, but 5 designs later brought us the 2.4L and 3.1L Chevy engines. GM already had success placing these engines in cars like Buick, Beretta and the Pontiac Grand Am. The Malibu eventually turned into the Chevy Classic, but Malibu owners know what is put underneath…

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Chevy Lumina Engines for Sale

The heir to the throne of the best-selling car in the nation, the Ford Taurus, was picked to be the Chevy Lumina. The Lumina had it all. A sleek V6 engine. A great body design and all of the amenities that regular drivers and those that loved performance wanted. Sales of the Lumina were very…

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