Dodge Daytona Engines for Sale

The Dodge Daytona and the 2.5L engine went together perfectly. The original concept car, the Dodge Laser, had dismal sales and Chrysler rebranded it the Daytona. Drivers wanted more power in this sporty passenger car and Dodge listened. We know the demand for 1996 to 1993 Daytona inline 4-cylinder engines. We have these Dodge Daytona…

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Dodge Durango Used Engines

Dodge Durango along with the Ram are 2 of the premier vehicles for Chrysler. Over 200+ horsepower is available under the hood of the Durango and the huge 4.7LĀ engine displacement puts it over the top. The 1997 introduction of the Durango to the auto world has helped it to seal its place among Chrysler’s best-selling…

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Used Dodge Magnum Engine

Sales of Dodge trucks expanded in the late 1990s due in part because of the 5.2L Magnum V8 engine. Both the Dakota and Durango sales were strong even up until the actual replacement of the Magnum by the PowerTech brand. Many of the trucks and SUVs that were manufactured during the 1990s are still traveling…

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