Hyundai Tiburon Engine

Hyundai Tiburon was created as one of the first performance vehicles for Hyundai in 1996. This sport compact vehicle received 12 years of production and development. Different editions were produced for different markets. The Tiburon was the North American name. This vehicle was also sold as a coupe in Europe. The strength of this vehicle…

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Used Hyundai Elantra Engines

Hyundai Elantra first premiered in 1990 and it remains in production today. The Elantra has competed with every major automaker in North America as well as Europe. As one of the leading foreign cars sold in the U.S., the Hyundai Elantra is now one of the best selling cars according to recent awards that it…

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Used Hyundai Engines for Sale

Hyundai engines are one of the most economical choices in today’s current automotive economy. The majority of these engines receive 32+ miles per gallon with newer engines receiving many more. Early partnerships with Ford Motor Company helped Hyundai achieve its status as one of the top automakers in the universe. Few probably know that Hyundai…

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